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Yutaka Igarashi design works
by IKE 10-Jun-2010 10:23

I follow Yutaka Igarashi's work for some years now. I first notice him in a Cinema 4D ad in a magazine featuring his amazing one-seat helicopter. What he lacks in quantity, with a concept appearing every few years, he more than makes up in quality. The attention to detail and most importantly the imagination of his concepts is amazing.---

I don't know if Igarashi-san has an engineering background. Although most of his concepts like this snowmobil may be a little far-fetched, they are very well thought and studied from an engineering (or over-engineering some times) point of view.

His drawing and conceptual work is also excellent; the 3D rendering skills speak for themselves.

You can find more on his personal website here: http://www.id-performance.com/ and in his blog (in Japanese only)

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