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The four wheel drive Ferrari FF
by IKE - 22-1-2011
The new Ferrari FF, the history of Ferrari and 4WD, the FF's design and the innovative 4RM all wheel drive system.
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TSTO spaceplanes
by IKE - 19-4-2006
Presentation of 3 two-stage-to-orbit spaceplanes.
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Power Torque Thrust - Analysis
by IKE - 23-10-2005
Analysis on what Power, Torque and Thrust represent in relation to the performance of a vehicle.
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High octane fuel - leaded petrol
by IKE - 20-2-2006
Analysis on high-octane gasoline fuel and leaded/unleaded/LRP petrol.
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Ducati Desmosedici RR
by IKE - 22-10-2006
Presentation and technical review of Ducati's MotoGP replica.
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Mitsubishi Pajero MPR13
by IKE - 15-2-2007
Presentation and technical preview of Mitsubishi rally raid racecar and multiple Dakar winner.
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Lancia Tour - Italian Design
by IKE - 30-10-2006
Photos and comments from 2006 expo for Lancia's 100 years.
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