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by IKE 27-Feb-2012 22:45

Researchers from the division of renewable energy dynamics of Kyushu University develop a new kind of wind turbine with significantly improved efficiency. The invention is called Windlens and it encloses the blades with a shroud making the turbine similar in appearance to a ducted fan.

by IKE 09-Sep-2011 21:58

BAe Systems, one of the biggest defense contractors in the world just presented a system of modular components that appears to be capable of completely hide or modify at will an objectΒ’s thermal infrared signature. As you can see in the video below the ADAPTIV as it called, acts as an invisibility cloak in the IR spectrum and the results are very similar to a sci-fi film.

by IKE 05-Aug-2011 00:46

Observations from NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) have revealed possible flowing water during the warmest months on Mars. By examining images from different time periods scientists focused on very thin gullies that form during Martian spring and could be caused from flowing briny water. Obviously this could be a major breakthrough concerning the geology, climate and possible ecosystem of Mars.

by IKE 19-May-2011 22:30

Mount Everest, once a sight only a few climbers could enjoy is now accessible to everyone through a high-resolution 3D map, much sharper and accurate than Google Earth. The project is a joint venture between researchers from DLR Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics, the company 3D RealityMaps GmbH and DigitalGlobe. They used data from 5 different satellite systems along with specially developed software and the result is this amazingly detail 3D model you can see on the video below.

by IKE 03-Dec-2010 19:02

A NASA-funded team led by Felisa Wolfe-Simon of NASAΒ’s Astrobiology Institute announced a discovery that although humble and small as a microbe it fundamentally changes what we consider as life and the conditions where the development of life is possible. Every living being on Earth (microbes, elephants, humans, trees, everything) use exactly the same building blocks and the exact same replicating mechanism in a molecular level. This mechanism is based on DNA/RNA, molecular complex acids and the use of 6 basic chemical substances, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus and sulfur. Arsenic is a toxic substance because by behaving similarly to Phosphorus can disrupt this delicate process.

by IKE 04-Sep-2010 17:24

If you always wanted to launch your own satellite you should definitely follow the work of Song Ho Jun. He is a multi-talented artist and engineer that formed the 'Open Source Satellite Initiative' which is a collaborative and open effort to make a fully customizable and affordable satellite. This is equally an engineering and an artistic endeavor, reflecting both sides of Song Ho Jun's work.

by IKE 30-Jun-2010 00:14

Small Gecko lizards have the amazing ability to climb and run on vertical surfaces even when they are completely smooth like glass. The adhesion ability of their foot doesn't function like glue or a sticky tape, usually our first thought when we see them running upwards a wall. If they used a glue-like physiology not only they would accumulate dirt and thus become incapacitated but they would also need a huge effort in order to unstick their foot in every step. The amazing mechanism that natural selection have provided the gecko is the subject of study in order to form similar functions artificially.

by IKE 09-Jun-2010 15:27

A week ago six Β‘astronautsΒ’ were enclosed in a special facility near Moscow in order to simulate a journey to Mars and back. They will stay there for 520 days in order to simulate the 250 days to get there, a 30 day stay and the 240 days to get back. This is the largest in a line of smaller similar experiments (the previous one lasted 109 days). The special facility in the Moscow Institute of Biomedical Problems (IBMP) is build in order to simulate the conditions and parameters of a trip to Mars. Of course two factors, gravity and radiation are left out for obvious reasons.

by IKE 24-Mar-2010 13:54

This amazing micro R/C helicopter is made almost entirely from 3D printed parts. Not only it is fully functional but it is also very light and strong. The helicopter was designed by Jose Alonso (buho29) and it was printed by http://www.shapeways.com with the method of powder deposition.

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