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by IKE 29-Feb-2012 15:41

This is the new Ferrari F12, the most powerful and fastest road car the company has ever produced. It is the direct successor of the 599 and it follows the design style of the latest Ferraris, the 458 and -mainly- the FF.

by IKE 27-Feb-2012 22:45

Researchers from the division of renewable energy dynamics of Kyushu University develop a new kind of wind turbine with significantly improved efficiency. The invention is called Windlens and it encloses the blades with a shroud making the turbine similar in appearance to a ducted fan.

by IKE 27-Feb-2012 22:43

This a very interesting custom bike, created by ICON1000 a firm that creates motorcycle clothing and accessories it is called the “Magnificent Bastard” and it is a radical re-interpretation of a Honda VF1000R, a heavyweight superbike from 1986.

by IKE 28-Jan-2012 22:17

The new Sukhoi T-50 / PAK FA Russian fighter is by now quite well known but any official document is certainly welcome. That is the case of the Sukhoi patent that form the basis of this post. Even if it may not bring groundbreaking details, it presents some interesting aspects that may be quite interesting even if they are just raising speculation to fact. This patent document published just yesterday (although submitted by Sukhoi 2 years ago) by the Russian patent office. It presents the general arrangement of the new PAK-FA aircraft, it describes its aerodynamic configuration and function and also some aspects of its design concerning low radar observability. Read below for more details and images.

by IKE 26-Nov-2011 17:44

One of the biggest steps in space exploration, the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) named Curiosity was launched today with an Atlas V 541 vehicle and it is now on its way to Mars. The Curiosity rover is similar in size and weight to a small car and it will be the largest spacecraft to ever land on Mars with a very elaborate procedure that not only enables it to reach safely the Martian surface but also to land in a relatively tight spot with great geological interest. Read below for more details.

by IKE 20-Nov-2011 05:45

The most famous humanoid robot, HondaΒ’s ASIMO has a new version. A few days ago Honda presented a more advanced model and performed a small display of its new capabilities. Meanwhile the robotics sector of Honda is now an official entity under the name Honda Robotics.

by IKE 11-Nov-2011 15:01

This could very well be the future of automotive industry. What started with a small sportscar of great potential but narrow appeal, the Tesla Roadster, which was made largely from subcontractors, now is forming to be a major automotive player with a fully integrated R&D and production process. Tesla motors (like its cousin Space X) applied Silicon Valley principals to a saturated and unwieldy sector and by introducing next year the new upper mid-class sized Model S is now directly competing the mainstream auto companies exclusively with zero emission electric vehicles.

by IKE 28-Sep-2011 14:49

Great news, this isnΒ’t a Top Gear Β‘adventureΒ’ it is a very clever new concept that combines a small caravan and a boat in the same package. It is called Sealander and it is very easy to use.

by IKE 27-Sep-2011 22:42

Paramount Group from South Africa just presented a new small aircraft destined for a variety of roles that today are fulfilled by more expensive airplanes, helicopters or UAVs. Paramount calls it a Β‘ground breaking multi-role aviation platformΒ’ and even if this sound a bit too much the concept and its impact for South Africa are very interesting. The Advanced High Performance Reconnaissance Light Aircraft (AHRLAC) is described as a Β‘low cost aerial reconnaissance, surveillance and armed patrol system capable of supporting a wide range of operationsΒ’ .

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