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by IKE 22-Oct-2010 01:23

If you want to find out why Honda has such a great appeal to every car enthusiast, you just have to take a look at one of the company’s smallest cars, the Honda Beat from 1991. Within its tiny size it contains every value, characteristic and quirk that gave Honda its reputation. The Beat is a small 2-seat roadster with a 3 cylinder midship positioned engine that powers the rear wheels. Its size and performance are dictated by the rules of the Kei-car class in Japan, where cars under 3.3m length with engines up to 660cc and under 64ps had some insurance and tax advantages (in 1998 length increased to 3.4m). Only a year before Honda had launched the groundbreaking NSX and the Beat was a smaller version that not just looked similar but by being a bespoke design it kept the essence of the NSX concept but optimized it for its size and role.


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