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Audi e-tron detroit concept
by IKE 12-Jan-2010 12:58

Audi made a big impression with the original e-tron concept, it was based in the already impressive R8, it was a different color in every show and by 'accidentally' mistaken the thrust in the wheels with the motors torque appeared more powerful than a Leopard tank. The second e-tron concept unveiled yesterday in Detroit is more realistic. It is a little smaller than an Audi TT and it has two electric motors (one for each rear wheel) that combined have a power of 201hp.---

The e-tron is very compact; the TT is already quite small. Its dimensions are similar to the VW Bluesport concept that will probably lead to a production model. There are rumors for a similar mid-engined Audi variant, probably called R4 and this concept could be similarly linked with it like the original e-tron with R8.

E-tron's design is a welcome return to more geometric lines and more solid shapes. It gives the impression that it is machined from a solid block of metal where the R8 looks like a collection of flaps and panels.

In the rear there are many design references from the '80s (it was about time!) and especially the Ur-Quattro coupe that skyrocketed Audi's popularity.

The rear raked pillars are a hint to Ur-Quattro's liftback and while the e-tron has a recessed rear glass its boot lid has black plastic stripes (which continue over the inside of the pillars) a direct reference to the sun-blocking rear glass louvres that were very popular on the 80's. It is a very nice detail.

The top-view shows the similar to the Quattro wheel bulges.

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