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John’s Phone - the simplest mobile phone
by IKE 31-Jan-2011 00:56

If you like your mobile phone simple and you use it mostly as a phone and not as a camera, mp3 player, gaming console or “internet communication device” then you will certainly like the John’s Phone. It is a simple but elegant device that performs this sole function but in a very easy way.---

It is designed by the john-doe advertising agency (and not by a guy named John) and its operation is straightforward. You just press the number and talk. There is a speed dial function (with memory for 10 phone numbers, one for each button) and a very small monitor on top that may serve the most basic functions (pin number, battery info etc) but its few pixels can be customized.

In the back there is a hinged case where paper cards with phone numbers and data can be stored. An integrated pen will also come handy. As the company says apart from a fashion statement it would be ideal for small children or elderly people and in general for anyone who doesn’t know or doesn’t bother to operate a complex mobile phone.

John’s phone is not just a concept. Working prototypes are being tested and there is an e-shop that receives orders. It costs between 70 and 100 euro, depending the color and surface treatment, not bad for a simple but thoroughly designed gadget.

More info:

http://www.john-doe.nl/ John Doe Amsterdam
http://www.johnsphones.com The official website
http://johnsphones.wordpress.com project blog

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