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Suzuki X-HEAD - 2007 concept
by IKE 08-Jan-2010 00:45

This is not a new concept, Suzuki presented it in the 2007 Tokyo motor show and although it was very well received it hadn't attracted the attention it deserved. Today however the market for very small trucks is about to explode, especially in the very crowded developing cities of India and the X-HEAD is maybe the best example of how to design a small truck. It has the mechanical gear of the Jimny and similar dimensions. It may be small and relatively cheap but it looks tougher than a Hummer without provoking the eco-fashion police, modern as an aluminum Apple laptop and cuter than a Pokemon. These things can characterize a design as good but the X-Head is exceptional because at the same time its shape is function driven and the vehicle is purely utilitarian.---

X-Head is a very simple car and by using a ladder frame from Jimny the body-shape could be freely formed. It would be easily and cheaply produced even in a factory without advanced know-how.

The interior is the most remote from production feature of the vehicle but even with the concept car detailing the simplistic attitude is apparent everywhere.

It is possible that Suzuki will never produce the X-HEAD as such, maybe design elements from this concept will be incorporated in a future Jimny or in a similar mini-truck / van. Of course it may be copied (successfully or not) from other car firms, especially from china or India.

Whatever its influence it is significant because it show with the best way that a car can be simple but impressive, cheap but tasteful (even class-less) and that design at its best is purely function driven.

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