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The North Slope Ski Hotel by Michael Jantzen.
by IKE 03-Feb-2010 14:55

The North Slope Ski Hotel is a conceptual design for a 95-room luxury hotel designed by Michael Jantzen. Its shape is similar to a ski slope and it has an integrated track where residents can glide from the roof to the ground. As described by the designer it has all the eco-trends, with wind turbine in the top, photovoltaic cells etc, however its shape is the most dominant feature.---

If you grown up in the 80's the Slope Ski Hotel may remind you of the very popular 'playful penguin race' toy. I don't know if the designer had the toy in mind but you can check the resemblance for yourselves:

You can see more of the very interesting Michael Jantzen designs in his website: http://www.michaeljantzen.com/

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