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by IKE 27-Feb-2012 22:43

This a very interesting custom bike, created by ICON1000 a firm that creates motorcycle clothing and accessories it is called the “Magnificent Bastard” and it is a radical re-interpretation of a Honda VF1000R, a heavyweight superbike from 1986.

by IKE 28-Sep-2011 14:49

Great news, this isnΒ’t a Top Gear Β‘adventureΒ’ it is a very clever new concept that combines a small caravan and a boat in the same package. It is called Sealander and it is very easy to use.

by IKE 16-Sep-2011 18:49

In the movie Back to the Future II Marty McFly (played by Michael J. Fox) travels to the year 2015 where one of the futuristic gizmos he encounters is the Nike MAG shoes that tie themselves and have bright leds. Four years before actual 2015, Nike is releasing a special edition replica of those shoes that apart from the automatic tie-up (although some patents applications speculated that) are exact replicas of the movie prop.

by IKE 16-May-2011 05:59

It would have been very difficult for a design studio or department of an established automaker to produce such an original and imaginative concept like the ECCO. The multi-purpose vehicle (its official description is “zero-emissions mobile living solution”) is one of the 5 projects that comprise the Future Design Series of NAU design studio.

by IKE 05-Apr-2011 00:27

Even those that didnΒ’t like TRON:Legacy or even science fiction cannot stay indifferent in front of the amazing optical features of the movie. Joshua T. Nimoy an artist that uses coding, mathematics and a variety of software and programming languages created some of the graphics for the film, in partnership with Digital Domain. He published on his website some inside info about the back-end of the filmΒ’s production.

by IKE 09-Mar-2011 01:45

is the frontname of designerΒ’s Ito Morabito studio. He started by creating fictional concept for existing brands that attract the attention of many potential clients and establish him in the field of industrial design. Ora-ÏtoΒ’s portfolio now expands to a wide span, from jewelry to architecture, clothing, furniture, packaging etc.

by IKE 31-Jan-2011 00:56

If you like your mobile phone simple and you use it mostly as a phone and not as a camera, mp3 player, gaming console or “internet communication device” then you will certainly like the JohnΒ’s Phone. It is a simple but elegant device that performs this sole function but in a very easy way.

by IKE 15-Dec-2010 16:23

The online design website designboom.com in collaboration with seoul design foundation organized a competition on bicycle design. 3078 entries from 88 countries created a huge variety of imaginative designs but the winner was the amazingly simple Β‘Bike 2.0Β’ from Inoda + Sveje, a studio based in Milan Italy comprised from Kyoko Inoda and Nils Sveje.

by IKE 06-Sep-2010 15:31

Ikuo Maeda has been the leader of Mazda's design team for almost a year and the Shinari concept is the first sample of the company's new design direction. Maeda san, himself a long time employee of Mazda, replaced Laurens van den Acker who now works for Renault. Car design is a very time consuming process and many years will pass until a car fully design under the new leadership will arrive in showrooms. The Shinari is a big 4-door coupe/sedan, a very popular sector and it will be presented in the 2011 Geneva motor show. There are no plans for a derivative production car, it is just a sample of the current trend although it is quite realistic and it could enter production with relatively minor changes.

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