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Tron Legacy design by Joshua T. Nimoy
by IKE 05-Apr-2011 00:27

Even those that didn’t like TRON:Legacy or even science fiction cannot stay indifferent in front of the amazing optical features of the movie. Joshua T. Nimoy an artist that uses coding, mathematics and a variety of software and programming languages created some of the graphics for the film, in partnership with Digital Domain. He published on his website some inside info about the back-end of the film’s production.---

The TRON sequel is a huge blockbuster and J.T.Nimoy worked on this project for six months. His contribution focuses on the vector and particle graphics throughout the virtual world and also in the user interface and coding that appears on screen. He used a variety of tools, from plain C++ coding to emacs and his work was integrated to the workflow of DD that includes many commercial packages like Cinema 4D and Houdini.

Computer user interface is an element that in many movies (even respectable ones) is largely neglected or even worse it is shown in such an unrealistic or unfeasible manner that considering it an insult is not an exaggeration.

Thankfully TRON is an exception to this sad rule. You can read more information about the design of the UI used in the film as well as other impressive aspects of designing TRON here: http://jtnimoy.net/?q=178

A feature of Digital Domain about the making of TRON: http://digitaldomainvip.com/

The official trailer of the movie:


Tron Legacy and Daniel Simon

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