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Transparentius road safety concept
by IKE 23-Dec-2009 15:25

Another concept by ArtLebedev of the "why nobody think that before?" kind, the Transparentius road view transmitting system. The image above is almost self-explanatory, big vehicles obstacle view, especially in narrow roads and this is a simple way to almost eliminate the problem.---

As the above illustration shows, the concept works by placing a video camera in the front of the truck which transmits video to a big screen in the rear in order to render it 'transparent' and allow following cars to watch the road ahead.

This concept although it isn't very cheap will improve road safety day and night, especially in narrow roads. That of course as long as the following drivers use it as a warning device for the oncoming traffic they can't see and not as an 'overtake now' sign for what they don't see through the screen.

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