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blog about the inner workings of robotpig.net

by IKE 05-Oct-2012 17:53

You may have noticed that there were very few post and updates on robotpig.net, well there was a reason for that. For more than one year me and my colleagues behind Robots association (and Robots Podcast) were working on a new website that will combine many bloggers, researchers and experts under one platform providing the best resource and coverage for everything robotic related. You can take a look at the concept in our first promotional video:

by IKE 07-Feb-2011 22:49

This is an inside view about the Ferrari FF article. It was written only a few days after the first official photos and information was released. Until today only a couple of photos are also released. The article presents the history, the design and most important the possible inner workings of FFΒ’s 4WD system.

by IKE 02-Feb-2011 01:16

Robotics is a large and very important part of Robotpig and as you may have guessed a strong personal interest. One of the most educative websites I follow is the robotspodcast.com and recently I became one of the contributors. Robotspodcast feature a bi-weekly podcast with interviews on robotic related issues and recently they introduced a news section in partnership with robots.net. I will contribute news posts and some of them (like the robotic arm from DLR) will be featured here.

by IKE 22-Dec-2010 20:41

The third and last part of last yearΒ’s retrospective is dedicated to the visitors of robotpig.net. As you can see on the map the first country is Greece where the 52.5% of our visitors originated. The second country is US, the third UK and interestingly the fourth is Japan.

by IKE 14-Dec-2010 01:11

This is the second part of the small retrospective of the last year, you can read the first part about the content of the website here. This time we present robotpig.net “Greatest hits” or more simply the most popular posts, articles and other website sections in a three top five countdowns.

by IKE 02-Dec-2010 23:25

On April next year robotpig.net will be 6 years old (!) but the one-year anniversary of its current form will be in a few days. This post is the first part of a small retrospective of this year. In this post we examine the content uploaded in the website. For those new to this website (but curious enough to read this blog!) the main categories (for the moment) are the news, with relatively brief posts, the articles, with extensive multi-page features and the blogs. There is also the forum which is examined separately.

by IKE 08-Sep-2010 23:35

This is a very brief post to introduce this new blog section. Here one can view the inner workings of this website and also the process and the 'backstage' of the articles and other featured projects. Robotpig.net is online for some years now, it started in 2006 and slowly but steadily has grown in audience and recognition. It is largely a personal project of the author with the additional and very valuable help of some friends. The website evolved mostly in steps rather than gradually and in the next weeks we are preparing an extensive update.

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