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Space Shuttle, Mission STS-131
by IKE 20-Apr-2010 11:23

Update - Discovery has landed at Kennedy Space center completing the STS-131 mission. Only 3 Space Shuttle flights remain until the termination of the Space Shuttle Program and the US Human Spaceflight (at least for the next years).

Space Shuttle Discovery of mission STS-131 is scheduled to land this morning (local time) at Kennedy Space Center. The landing is delayed one day due to poor visibility conditions because of the weather and a landing at Edwards AFB was considered. The volcano ash cloud is not in the way of the landing track. Discovery has completed a two week mission to ISS.---

During STS-131 Discovery delivered Leonardo MPLM and there were three spacewalks where astronauts installed equipment and perform maintenance and experiment work. You can find all the information in the official press kit (pdf) and on NASA's Space Shuttle central page: nasa.gov/mission_pages/shuttle/

Details specifically on the landing: nasa.gov / landing blog

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