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Unmanned DA42 from AeroNautics
by IKE 13-Jan-2010 17:30

Aeronautic Defense systems is going to start production in Israel of its Dominator II UAV after a trouble-free test program of the prototype aircraft. The Dominator II is based on the very successful Diamond DA42 4-seater. Aeronautics removes the pilot and passenger compartment and replaces it with the surveillance and communication and control equipment for its new role as a medium-class UAV. This takes the highly popular tactic of using man-rated components to the next level by using a converted manned aircraft.---

The DA42 is one of the more advanced aircrafts of its class. It has a fuselage and wing made entirely of composite materials and it uses two Thielert diesel engines (based on Mercedes-Benz passenger car diesel engines) that provide it with a very good range and also logistic benefits for military use where it has common fuel with jet powered aircraft.

The Dominator II can loiter for over 28 hours with a speed of 80kt, it has a maximum ceiling of 30.000ft and can travel with 180kt. Its wingspan is 13,5m and has a maximum payload of 400kg. It can be controlled in a radius of 300km through a satcom data link.

For more information visit the Aoronautics dominator II website:

update (5.2011), official video:

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