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15gr QuadCopter UAV
by IKE 04-Jan-2010 22:26

Quadcopters are a very popular UAV airframe because of they are a very stable hovering platform and an easy to work architecture. This micro quadcopter weighs only 15 gr and it is a university project. It uses a 6doF IMU with 2 gyros (a dual axis IDG-500 and a single axis ISZ-500) and a 3-axis ADXL330 accelerometer. Their data is processed through a Kalman filter. The main feature of this quadcopter is the use of the main (and only pcb) as the frame of the aircraft where the 4 motors are mounted. It is a very simple concept and could be potentially very cheap, especially if mass-produced. ---

As far as we can tell from the translation from German the project is still under development and it still needs software and maybe hardware changes to become stable. if you know German or can work your way through the translators you can read more here (where also the images are from):


(via DIYdrones.com)

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