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Hermes 900 - first flight
by IKE 14-Dec-2009 14:47

The new Hermes 900 UAV by Elbit made today its maiden flight. The 900 is a medium size UAV, similar in role and size to teh MQ-1 Predator. It has a modular design where payloads can be reconfigured easily for different missions and a 300kg maximum payload. Its wingspan is 15m and MTOW is 970kg. The 900 is powered by a gasoline 115hp Rotax 914 engine (like the Predator A) and has an expected endurance of 40h.---

The new UAV is equipped with ATC (Air Traffic Control) radio, radio relay, IFF transponder and systems for emergency safety procedures. It is controlled by Elbit Systems UGCS (Universal Ground Control Station), which can control two UAVs at any given time from a single station while a single operator operates the air vehicle and payloads for each UAV.

The flight test will continue and the Hermes 900 is scheduled to go into production soon.

Video from the first flight
first flight press release (pdf)

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