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by IKE 24-Dec-2009 13:01

This is the first post in my new blog so I think a small introduction is necessary. I believe that robotics is one of the most exiting fields for anyone with an interest in engineering. UAVs especially are the ultimate challenge for aeronautical engineering and robotics. I personally had followed the advances on UAV technology for some years.

However the infamous predators was (is) an exotic technology until a blog post by Graham Warwick in Aviation Week's Ares blog had a groundbreaking insight. Wired's magazine editor Chris Anderson has started a project not only to create a very cheap but functional UAV but also to start a community of open source software and hardware using ning for the purpose of creating affordable but capable UAVs. The community is DIYdrones.com and it is quite substantial by now with a lot of members, impressive projects and a huge knowledge base.

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