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High octane fuel - leaded petrol
by IKE - 20-2-2006


Here are the conclusions in brief from what we analyzed in the previous pages:

-For non-catalytic cars/motorcycles:

You can use regular 95-octane unleaded unless -according to the previous pages- you believe that high-octane fuel will have a substantial benefit in power and also justifies the extra cost.

-For cars/motorcycles with catalytic converters:

Today you have 3 choices, regular unleaded, LRP, or high-octane unleaded. From a pollution point of view al three are almost equal. If we have to choose the cleaner one that would be the regular unleaded, the other two are regular unleaded + add-ons.

Thus whatever choice you make the pollutants your car will emit will be at least those of regular unleaded use.

From engine wear point of view, if your engine needs the lubrication use LRP or the separately sold add-ons, if it needs the extra octane rating use high-octane unleaded. If your car needs both you can use high-octane fuel with the add-ons or mix it with LRP.

(article update 20-8-2006 - IKE)
(small update 1-2-2010 - IKE)

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